CareBank – sound familiar?

For fans of the ‘Yours & Hours’ Time bank ideas that have been part of the Workforce of the Future challenge you might be interested to read this article on the Guardian website regarding a project down in Windsor! The project is called CareBank and one it is attempting to create genuine networks for lonely/isolated […]

Memory Box

I met with the creator of Memory Box this past week. He had seen a Tweet from the last Dementia Diary Workshop at Alzheimer’s Scotland and got in touch. From what I’ve seen it’s a very exciting project and for many people, I’m sure, will form the basis of their own Dementia Diary. You can […]

Alzheimer’s Scotland’s Dementia Diary

Along with Borders Council Alzheimer’s Scotland are piloting the Workforce Challenge idea ‘Dementia Diary’. Our first meeting/workshop took place on 9 May, 2013 and lots of new ideas were suggested and generated during the day. You can read more about the workshop here. We used storyboards to illustrate what some of these suggested uses of […]

Aileen Campbell MSP addresses the ‘Workforce Challenge’!

On Monday 10 December – the Scottish Social Services Council ’Workforce Challenge’ reached its climax with five ‘dynamic’ presentations at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth! At that event we were privileged to have Aileen Campbell present to hear the presentations and take part in discussions. To get things moving Aileen addressed the room and you can see the video below. […]

Workforce Of The Future – Presentations

Monday 10 December – the Scottish Social Services Council ‘Workforce Challenge’ reached its climax with five ‘dynamic’ presentations at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth! In partnership with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, SSSC set the challenge to Social Services professionals from across Scotland and Northern Ireland to innovate and rethink services and person centred […]